URGENT! Planning Application for Coal Bed Methane Exploration has been Submitted.

Since the meeting in Wells Town Hall last month to discuss the whole issue of Fracking and Coal Bed Methane (CBM) in Somerset, Uk Methane have submitted a planning application for CBM in Keynsham. This is the first in Somerset and it’s important for as many of us as possible object, so that this type of harmful exploration does not continue.
This leaflet:
 explains the essence of what’s happening. Please feel free to distribute to others.
Transition Keynsham have told us that: ‘ We need as many people as possible to make individual objections to the application. Petitions are useful to show councillors and the media how strong the opposition is on an issue but democratically they are only counted as 1 single opinion! So we need to show them that there are actually lots of people who are against the proposal.’

Here are the details:
Planning Application No. 12/04304/FUL
Write to:
Planning Services
PO Box 5006
Or on line @:

Expiry date for consultation 12/11/12

Target decision date 07/12/12

Important Points when commenting;
  • When objecting to the planning application, please include your name and address or your objection may not be counted.
  • If using a template, please adapt it using your own words as duplicate letters will not carry the same weight.
  • The main points the local planning authority will consider when deciding whether to approve a planning application are the ‘material considerations’ of that specific project. These are likely to carry more weight than those relating to developments that could stem from it, which would require a new planning application (eg – full-scale Coal Bed Methane production.)
  • Specifically, important points to include involve the size and location of the project, how it will function, and the relationship of the site with the immediate surroundings
Here are some other ways that you can support Frack Free Somerset’s campaign work, to keep Somerset free from extreme energy extraction (including Coalbed Methane and Fracking).
All links, resources, template letters, newsletter sign-up and more available at: www.frackfreesomerset.org
  • · Get informed – read Frack Free Somerset’s and other resources about Coal Bed Methane, Fracking and other extreme energy extraction processes.
  • · Subscribe to FFS newsletter – so that you can stay informed and be notified as soon as any planning applications are submitted.
  • · Make contact with a local group – Transition Wells and Wedmore Green Group are your closest here in Wells.
  • · Support Frack Free Somerset – we can strengthen our efforts by working together. We are always in need of support with research, graphic design, website editing, press work and more. Whatever your skills, use them to keep Somerset and our communities safe and extraction free.
  • · Write to your local council – to express your concerns, be that Parish, District or County Council. They need to understand that their residents (and ultimately voters) are very concerned about extreme energy extraction and its potential harm.
  • · Write letters to the editor & utilise the media – Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper. Are you friends with a local journalist? Positive accurate media to offset corporate and industry propaganda is an important way to communicate the dangers of extreme energy extraction.
  • · Organise a film showing or public meeting – screen feature length documentary Gasland or Fracking Hell in your village or town. Someone from Frack Free Somerset would be happy to talk and answer queries.
  • · Donate or fundraise – Frack Free Somerset is a recently launched grassroots campaign. We are always in need of financial support to print leaflets and materials needed for awareness-raising work in Somerset.
  • · Spread the word – tells your friends, family & contacts about extreme energy extraction and the risk it poses locally. Direct your friends to the FFS website to learn more.
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