What’s happening in Wells?

This page shows everything that is currently happening locally, or that is planned soon. Make sure to view it all!

Sustainable Wells Food Group

This new group meets on a monthly basis to discuss:  1) Ways of reducing food waste, 2) How we can promote and support local food producers and 3) Ideas to encourage people to eat local food. Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s campaign #waronwaste, is very timely and has inspired the group to campaign locally in support.  If you would like to find out more please come along to one of our meetings. Contact: info@sustainablewells.org.uk for more information. New members are always welcome

We are working in collaboration with Wells Food Festival and are running the ‘Food for Thought’ marquee near the Band Stand on Sunday 9th October 2016.  The area will be filled with tasty bites of information to promote wonky vegetables, reducing waste and carbon miles and much much more.

Sustainable Wells Energy Group

Generally this group meets monthly on a Saturday mornings for 1 hour.  Their prime objective is to support the local community in becoming more energy efficient.  The group have a thermal imaging camera and offer free surveys to those wishing to reduce heat loss. The group also supports renewable energy and has, for example, supported local planning applications for solar arrays and other renewable energy projects. The group also attend local events with a pop up energy shop providing information and advice on energy efficiency.  For more information please email info@sustainablewells.org.uk. New members are always welcome.



Thermal Imaging Surveys

The Energy Group offers free thermal imaging surveys to households and businesses in Wells and the surrounding area in the winter months from October to March. So far, we have surveyed 50 homes and businesses.  Using a thermal imaging camera, we are able to detect heat loss from poorly insulated roofs, draughty doors and windows, and patchy insulation in walls and ceilings.  We can help you identify the main areas of heat loss in your home so you can prioritise your actions to greatest effect and so reduce your energy bills. For more information, please contact Maddy

Pop Up Energy Shop

The Energy Group attends local events with their pop up energy shop, providing information on different energy efficiency measures and local support. To find out more please contact Maddy

Sustainable Communities Act Task Force

Transition Wells was instrumental in encouraging Mendip District Council to opt in to the Sustainable Communities Act.

We have since formed a task force to put forward proposals to Government via the local strategic partnership.

We are also keeping an eye on the new Localism Bill and how this might help us. However, Transition is primarily about localisation, rather than localism. See this blog post from Rob Hopkins about the differences bwteen the two.

We support our local economy and buy from local, independent retailers. Please consider joining the Wells Loyalty League,

Other things we’d like to do next:

  1. Have a “Make Do and Mend” Day
  2. Start a “Grow Veg Anywhere” scheme, just like in Incredible Edible Todmorden. Contact Lucy for further details.
  3. Have a breadmaking day using ingredients form local sources. Learn about the health, environmental and economic benefits of baking your own.
  4. Arrange for an energy consultant to advise us on the possibilities for renewable energy sources in and around Wells.
  5. Have a stall at Summer Fairs in the area to promote awareness of the issues around climate change and peak oil and the possibilities for local solutions.
  6. Campaign to improve public transport links.
  7. Start a car club in Wells.

Do let us know your ideas and how you can help.

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