Aims and Objectives

Aims – we aim to:

  • raise awareness of the implications of resource depletion, peak oil and climate change amongst  Wellensians and provide a forum for people who are concerned about these issues to explore them further
  • help Wellensians to prepare for the future by encouraging them to take appropriate and practical steps to change their lifestyle and practices now
  • develop a greater appreciation of and support for local producers, trade and crafts people and other businesses
  • foster a greater sense of community.

Objectives – we will:

  • work towards becoming an officially recognised Transition Initiative
  • organise regular public events (talks, films, exhibitions etc.) to inform and provoke debate around the issues of resource depletion, climate change and sustainable communities
  • set up a web site to enable Wellensians to share information, ideas, practical advice, useful contacts and resources relating to Transition issues
  • publicise Transition activities to interested Wellensians and to the wider population via the local media and websites
  • provide an over-arching organisation for any special interest groups that are set up to address specific Transition issues (e.g. food, energy, heart & soul)
  • raise sufficient funds to ensure that the costs of organising Transition events and projects are covered and that no-one is out of pocket as a result
  • share good ideas with and from other Transition groups, particularly local groups in Somerset
  • use electronic media where possible, whilst ensuring that those without internet access aren’t disadvantaged.

Organisation & Financial Control

Core Group

A Core Group of 5 -10 people will organise and promote the public events, ensure that a regular newsletter is produced and circulated and that a web-site is commissioned and updated (although others may actually carry out the latter tasks).

The Core Group will meet monthly.

The Core Group is expected to provide continuity whilst ensuring that new people become involved.

Financial Control

The Core Group will appoint a Treasurer who will be responsible for safeguarding cash, keeping records of financial transactions, reporting financial status at each Core Group meeting and preparing annual accounts (Financial Year will end on 30th September each year).

The annual accounts for the previous will be made public via the web-site and a copy will be available at public meetings.

At least three members of the Core Group will be signatories to the bank account and all cheques or electronic payments will require two signatures.

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