Eat the Landscape – Wells Food Festival 11am Bishops Barn 11th October

Dear All,

With the food festival nearly upon us we are making the final arrangements for the day. As you know Transition Wells is working in collaboration with the Wells Food Festival Committee in putting on the event ‘Eat the Landscape’, which is taking place in the Bishops Barn from 11.00am on Sunday 11th October as part of the Wells Food Festival.

This will be a lively and interesting event which we hope will galvanise local people and businesses to take positive steps in being more sustainable. We need help on the day with the TW stall and with the event itself. If you would like to help out for a couple of hours please could you let me know. It will be great fun and every contribution will be warmly welcomed. Most importantly, come to the event itself and bring your family and friends. There will be a lively debate, free soup and lots and lots to see and do.

Many thanks

Maddy Milnes

Eat the landscape document

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Transition Wells and the Food Festival

Hello, I am very pleased to say that Transition Wells and the Food Festival are working in collaboration this year to integrate and explore the theme of sustainable food. We very much hope you will want to take part in the event and help us promote it amongst your family and friends and get involved further if you wish to. The event will all take place in the Bishop’s Barn on Sunday 11th October, the day of the Food Festival, starting at 11.00am

We’re planning to accommodate circa 240 participants, which we think is ambitious for the first time out. We would therefore welcome everyone’s support please in spreading the word. With this in mind, we will shortly circulate a promotional leaflet in jpeg / PDF format which we’d be grateful if you would forward to anyone who you think may be interested.

The event will include:

1) A Debate

2)  Free delicious soup prepared by a catering team from Wells Blue School, made from locally sourced misshapen vegetables, which would have otherwise gone to waste.

3)   Exhibitions and displays from a range of local organisations involved in promoting sustainable practices.

The aim of the event as a whole is to enable several hundred visitors to:

a) recognise the connection between their food choices, wildlife and the landscape
b) feel empowered to enhance their contribution to the quality of the world around us.

The central pillar of this is the debate, the purpose of which is to explain these connections and to offer an open forum for discussing practical ways forward.
The Debate will be kicked off by presentations from a panel of experts on the contribution we can all make to:

* ensuring an attractive and thriving countryside
* safeguarding the supply of high quality, healthy food
* consuming diets which are healthy for people and the environment.

The discussion will provide a forum for the exchange of views and ideas about practical ways to achieve this vision by example: favouring produce which is fresh and in season. locally grown on a sustainable basis and prepared with high quality ingredients on a human scale, often by artisan methods.

Our Panelists:
Chair Chris Baines – is one of the UK’s leading and independent environmentalists.  He is a horticultural, television presenter and author.

Colin Tudge – is a biologist and author and promotes “enlightened agriculture” through his Campaign for Real Farming”

Colin will give us some home truths about the supply and demand for food and inspire us with his call to counter this with an “Agrarian Renaissance”. He will describe in practical terms what this could mean for us all, including the changes required in the way food is produced and the buying choices, diets and other behaviours we could adopt to enhance our collective impact on the natural environment.

Tessa Munt – is a former MP and partner of a Somerset dairy farmer.

Tessa will share her insider’s knowledge of the way in which food policy is determined in the corridors of power in Westminster and give us her perspective on the impact of this on farming systems, standards on animal welfare and the food supply chain – and give us her take on how we can all contribute to a sustainable future.

Simon Brenman – is Director of Regional Programmes for the South West Wildlife Trusts.

Simon will describe the current tendency for large scale agri-chemically based farming to be conducted alongside separate provision for wildlife corridors and field margins etc. He will contrast this with the demonstrable benefits for wildlife and the landscape of an integrated approach through an organic/ecological approach to growing food.

If you would like to get involved, please come to a Transition Wells Food Group meeting 7.30pm – 9.30pm at the Globe, Priest Row on Tuesday 15th September.  We would be very pleased to see you.

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HELP Avalon Community Energy WIN £12,500 OF FUNDING WITH M&S ENERGY

Avalon Community Energy (ACE) and Brookside Academy are working together to bring community energy to Street in Somerset. The fantastic project will combine energy generation and learning in a primary school setting. We have been shortlisted for the M&S Community Energy fund and with your help we can make it happen.

M&S Energy launched the M&S Energy Community Fund earlier this summer, with up to £400,000 available to support community renewable energy projects and technologies across the UK.

M&S Energy will be awarding two national awards of £40,000 and £20,000, regional funding awards for projects across Great Britain that require a maximum of £12,500 and a Judges’ prize of £15,000 for the most innovative or inspiring project. Following the initial short-listing phase, the competition is now open to the public vote. ACE have been shortlisted for the regional award.

To vote, you can go direct to this link: where you will need to register before voting.  Registration only requires an email address and password.

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Avalon Community Energy Limited (ACE) launch Pioneer Share Offer!

Friday July 10th saw Avalon Community Energy launch its Pioneer Share Offer at a packed event at Glastonbury Town Hall (share offer document can be found at:

The launch, which was scheduled alongside an associated event with Molly Scott Cato MEP, saw over 100 people turn up to find out how they could invest in the future of renewable energy in their community.

Avalon Community Energy Limited, known as ACE, is the local energy co-operative for Glastonbury, Street, Shepton Mallet and Wells and surrounding villages. Set up as a Community Benefit Society, ACE aims to bring community-owned renewable energy to Avalon whilst generating money for the local area to address issues such as fuel poverty. After a busy six months in which ACE undertook an in-depth feasibility study and carried out a programme of community engagement supported by funding from the Rural Community Energy Fund, they are now almost ready to begin their first installations of solar panels on rooftops across the region.

To facilitate this next stage, ACE have launched their Pioneer Share Offer which is a chance for local and social investors to support the growth of this community solar business, earn interest on their investment and benefit from generous tax reliefs via the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS).

Over 50 people took away a prospectus or signed up to invest in the Pioneer Share Offer at the event. Investments can be made up until August 31st but if oversubscribed, priority will be given to anybody living in the Mendip area. Residents of the district can invest as little as £50 in the offer, whilst those living elsewhere have a minimum investment of £500. ACE are seeking to launch between £20,000 and £150,000 during this period.

For those who missed the share launch on July 10th, the share offer document is now available via the ACE website and at any event where the team are present.

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Molly Scott Cato MEP comes to Glastonbury Town Hall 10th July 5.30pm-8.00pm

Hello everyone. Gentle reminder about the event tomorrow night.  Molly will be talking about the potential for renewable energy in the south west. There will be a panel discussion, stalls and refreshments. Do come a long and take part in the debate.


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Next week we will be at Westpoint, Exeter, along with 100 renewable energy and energy efficiency exhibitors and 1500 industry experts and customers at the South West’s biggest energy event!
Full details of the event at the link below
Renewable Energy Marketplace | Regen South West
Renewable Energy Marketplace The south west’s biggest energy event 21 April 2015, 10am – 4pm Westpoint Arena, Exeter
Attend the exhibition for only £18 Attend a leading conference with individual session prices starting at £54…

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Energy Guide

Do you own an older building? Download this excellent FREE guide to help you save money on your energy bills! Just click the thumbnail to download the .pdf file

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Update on Worminster Down

So far over 380 people have signed the petition (200 on line and 180 hard copy signatures), 100 of whom live in North Wootton. Furthermore, we have written to all the Wells’ prospective parliamentary candidates for their views on the proposal. We have heard that Tessa Munt (Lib Dem) and Jon Cousins (Green Party) support the proposal and James Heappey (Cons) is sitting on the fence. We have yet to hear from the others. If you haven’t already please sign and share the petition by using Link

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Update on Worminster Down

Good News! So far 62 people from the One World Fair and 71 people from the on line petition have signed up to say they support the Worminster Down Solar Array….so over 130 people have said ‘Yes’ in just three days!! :) Many many thanks.

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Worminster Down update

If you did not manage to get to the One World Fair but would like to sign the petition in support of the Worminster Solar Array, please use this link.

At the One World Fair, we collected 62 signatures from people  in favour of  the Worminster Down Solar Array, North Wootton.  We were supported by Ben Davies, a North Wootton resident who, as well as most others in the village, support the Good Energy proposal to erect a 15MW solar on Worminster Down.  Good Energy’s planning application for the solar array was refused and a demonstration of local support is crucial to their decision on whether or not to appeal. The planning application was refused partly due to a group based in Croscombe set up against the proposal. However, the site could generate enough energy for 3,400 homes, which is equivalent to 71% of homes in Wells.  Furthermore, Good Energy will support the wildlife through planting hedges and trees and installing bat and bird boxes.  The site is not used for crops and only sheep graze on the stoney land and will continue to do so after the solar array is in place, using the panels as places to shelter from the rain. The site is perfect in many ways as it’s not visible from the village or from nearby roads, but is also at the top of a hill so well placed for generating lots of energy. Good Energy will pay £15K (£1K per MW) a year to the local community for their own local projects as a direct community benefit.

As you know Transition Wells support renewable energy, seeing this form of energy generation as being gentler on the planet than fossil fuels or nuclear energy and as helping to create sustainable communities and so securing a better future for our children and grandchildren.

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